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In the complex world of finance and accounting, revenue recognition is a critical process that involves the identification, measurement, and recording of revenue in financial statements. While this may sound simple, it can become challenging, with evolving accounting standards such as ASC 606 and IFRS 15 adding to the complexity. Diverse revenue sources including product sales, service contracts, subscriptions etc. each source has a unique recognition criterion. The sheer volume of financial data, combined with its variability, can overwhelm manual processes.

Use Case 

A services company was operating with an array of contracts, each subject to the intricate rules of ASC 606, the revenue recognition standard for recognizing revenue from customer contracts. To ensure compliance, financial experts painstakingly had to read each contract in detail, laboriously answering questionnaires in a standardized format to assess compliance and timing of revenue recognition. This process required countless man-hours, leaving little room for more productive tasks.

AI became the catalyst for revolutionizing this tedious contract examination process by answering questions for all contracts accurately with references to source and reason of the answer.  AI-powered automation not only accelerates contract-related processes but also minimizes errors to establish a consistent approach to assessing revenue recognition criteria. This synergy between human intelligence and AI’s computational prowess has ushered in new levels of operational efficiency.

Contract Management – Detailed Financial Insights

One remarkable way that AI serves as a financial co-pilot is solutions designed to decipher complex contractual agreements. The AI solution employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to efficiently review and interpret complex legal agreements.

These systems can extract critical terms and clauses while flagging potential risks or irregularities. This accelerates contract reviews and reduces the chances of overlooking business-critical information.

This improved efficiency empowers finance and legal departments to make informed decisions, proactively manage risks, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations, contributing to a stronger foundation for financial success.

A by-product of this solution is a smart repository of key variables of all contracts for unique searches within the contracts database.

To summarize, AI can aid contract management in the following areas:


As we navigate through the complexities of modern financial landscape, AI is not a replacement but a trusted co-pilot. AI solutions are the way ahead, highlighting key financial insights, automating complex tasks, and helping financial professionals make informed decisions, while transforming how we manage contracts, decipher financial complexities, and forecast future revenues. Befriend AI to confidently navigate the skies of finance, no matter how turbulent they may be.

About the author

Neha is a finance expert with an interest in how technology is changing the dynamics of the entire industry. 

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