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Business Need

The client is a leading manufacturer of store fixtures. They couldn’t yield effective business outcomes from their traditional reporting systems. They wanted to develop interactive dashboards to improve business outcomes and organizational visibility across the leadership.

Key challenges faced by the client include:

  1. Huge volume of unstructured data
  2. Needed a unified process of data modeling.
  3. Inefficient reporting


Our team tried to understand key business requirements of the client:

  1. What is their prioritization for the dashboards?
  2. Who, in the organizations, would view the dashboards?
  3. How will the implementation of these dashboards help the client?

Dashboards were a critical business requirement as the client wanted to establish themselves as a mature player in the field of data modernization. Hence, we developed a robust architecture for them.

  • Snowflake is used for data storage, data modeling, and data transformation.
  • Snowflake has several features to streamline and simplify the dashboard for seamless reporting.
  • Continuous synchronization of data from sources to Snowflake database.
  • Develop a reporting tool for building dashboards using Qlik.
  • Drag and drop functionality enabled faster, efficient ETL.
  • Qlik Replicate – Replicate client’s source data into Snowflake
  • Qlik Compose – Understands the business logic and transforms data
  • Qlik Sense – Produces QBD files as output

In the first phase of the project, we have successfully delivered seven dashboards that deliver excellent performance and are highly scalable.

Our experience in ERP, functional knowledge plus Modern Data Stack helped in end-to-end development of interactive dashboards. The dashboards were highly scalable and delivered excellent performance compared to the traditional dashboards.


Snowflake, Qlik Replicate, Qlik, Talend, Oracle CPQ, QDI, QDA

Business Benefits

  • 90% correct decisions
  • Reduced operational costs by 80%
  • Increased employee productivity per hour
  • 95% on-time delivery
  • Increased overall revenue due to better insights.
  • 95% customer satisfaction
  • The client can view consolidated data of 19 applications in a single dashboard.
  • Manufacturing adherence dashboard helps in maintaining regulatory standards and compliance.
  • Productivity dashboards can identify areas of improvement with 95% accuracy.

It is important to emphasize that normally, IT providers either have technology or business knowledge, we have both.

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