We power your journey from Data to Decision Intelligence with augmented analytics and digital engineering.


Making data science accessible for everyone

  • Business users can ingest, explore and analyse data without programming or sql skills

  • Find patterns, anomalies, and correlations hidden in your data and visualise them through intuitive graphics

  • Build prediction, forecasting and optimisation models to better respond to a range of business situations


Our Craft

We partner with your teams - understanding their pains, goals and objectives - to design, build and deploy solutions. Solutions that delight them and their customers.


Speed and quality of decisions amplify the competitive advantage of businesses significantly. An AI driven approach that uses advanced tools and methods can augment human capability to make better decisions faster. Our consulting services accelerate the adoption of such advanced digital technologies and decision intelligence in the organization.

  • AI Advisory

    We partner with clients to enable the adoption of AI in a pragmatic way to augment decision-intelligence. Demostrating art of possible and discovering viable use cases of Decision Intelligence.


Helping clients in leveraging their most strategic asset – Data, to amplify their competitive advantage. Data driven decisions at the speed of business.

  • Data and Cloud Analytics Strategy

    Accelerate the adoption of analytics by aligning client’s business plans and priorities with the data strategy. Making it simple to access data. Laying a trusted analytics foundation.

  • Data Engineering

    Engineering foundations for scaling analytics and AI within the enterprise. Building reliable automated data pipelines. Reliable availability with DataOps.

  • Data Science and ML

    Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover patterns, build predictions to optimize business outcomes. Data Preparation -> Feature Engineering -> Model Development -> Model Monitoring. ML Ops.

  • Data Visualization and Data Story Telling

    Using modern data stack to automate the data visualization to drive scale and speed in insights delivery. Dashboards and Self Service BI using modern data stack.

  • Data Migration and Modernization

    Our accelerators and partnerships help us accelerate the migration journey to modern data stack in the cloud.


Helping clients launch successful products that are delightful to use, fun to build and stress-free to operate. We employ state-of-the-art user experience design, modern software engineering principles and proven site reliability engineering practices. Our clients benefit from our evolutionary and agile approach - whether they are a start-up trying to realize great ideas, a scale-up striving to capture growth, or an enterprise attempting to modernize.

  • Software Development

    Introducing Composable Products approach utilizing evolutionary architectures, deep engineering, and focused automation that reduces time to market, improves reliability and improves response to changing business needs.

  • DevOps

    Helping clients develop a DevOps strategy and implementation plan covering the training, tooling, and change management. Deploying practices like test automation, continuous deployment, containerization, infra-automation, and chaos engineering.

  • Quality

    Bringing in modern quality engineering rooted in agile practices like - customer affinity, automation, and fast feedback. Ensuring that the right product is built and in the right way.

  • Cloud

    Helping clients develop a pragmatic cloud strategy that fulfils their financial, operational and innovation needs. Building secure, performant and well-governed cloud environment; migrating workloads and building cloud-native yet cloud-agnostic applications.

About Us

We are engineers who care for people and business

  • We evangelize digital and its promise to transform businesses to be agile, future-ready, and sustainable

  • We solve your toughest problems with technology in partnership with your people

  • We strive for excellence and invest in our people to constantly learn, grow and be happy

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