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Artificial Intelligence

Moving beyond the buzzwords, we focus on your business essentials. We provide practical solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence and  tailored for everyday use, that drive meaningful improvements in your business outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence
Pragmatic AI for Business

AI aspirations should begin with practical use cases that drive viable business outcomes. This can then pave the way to scalable AI embedded in all key business processes.

Responsible and Trustworthy AI

The application of AI in business needs to ensure ethically designed solutions that respect privacy, maintain transparency, minimize bias and ensure fairness as well as reliability.

A Value-Conscious Approach

Harnessing the power of AI for business doesn’t have to come with exorbitant costs. The aim should be to deliver tangible business value with optimal investment.


AI Advisory & Consulting

We will help you explore the art of possible with AI in the context of your business, and partner with you to put AI into action for your business in a pragmatic way.

AI Exploration and Value Identification

Take the first step towards an AI-powered future with our 6-week program, designed for you to explore the potential of AI in your business. From exploring possibilities to identifying viable use cases, we guide you through to a usable proof of concept.

Strategy for AI at Scale

We help you develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to seamlessly integrate AI across your business processes at scale. With well-defined goals guiding your journey, we ensure effective operationalization of AI for impactful outcomes.

Fitness for a Data-Centric Approach

We believe in harnessing the power at the source – the Data. By addressing AI-specific data considerations, such as data bias, data quality, data lineage and data governance, we ensure the fitness of data for building dependable AI solutions at scale.

Generative AI Development

We develop generative models for the synthesis of novel content using GANs, VAEs, and Diffusion Models. Additionally, we build Large Language Models using Transformers or customize Foundational Models to meet client-specific requirements.

Domain-Specific Fine-Tuning of Models

For better value, we leverage pre-trained models and optimize the models’ performance for high accuracy on specific domains and tasks using Feature Based Transfer Learning as well as Instruct Fine Tuning.

Integrate Popular Models into your Apps

We help to quickly unlock the power of Generative AI technologies by seamlessly integrating popular pre-trained models such as GPT4, BERT, MUM, PaLM, et al into your existing applications.

Generative AI Services

With our expertise in deep learning, we create a new era of business solutions that learn from the vast corpus within your enterprise, we synthesize and generate unique content to enhance customer service.

Predictive Modeling and AI Apps

Build Machine Learning Models for your most impactful use cases and build the AI applications to leverage the output, rapidly putting AI into the hands of the business users.

Building ML Models

Our data science teams collaborate quickly with business users, leveraging Zunō.predict, to develop highly accurate and robust ML models. With expertise in leading ML frameworks and toolkits, we offer the flexibility to build custom models on any platform.

MLOps Managed Service

Simplify the monitoring and maintenance of ML models with our comprehensive managed service. From model deployment to real-time monitoring of prediction accuracy and data drift, we ensure optimal performance. Trust us to oversee your MLOps.

Predictive AI Applications

We simplify the delivery and consumption of the ML model results to business users with intuitive AI apps. Seamlessly integrating complex machine learning pipelines, we offer quick deployment of AI solutions through user-friendly front-end experiences and dashboards.

NLP Capabilities and Solutions

We help in building NLP capabilities and solutions that enable enterprises to leverage AI-based techniques for a wide range of applications including advanced capabilities, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and intent recognition.

Conversational AI and Chatbot Solutions

Focus on creating conversational AI and chatbot solutions, providing enterprises with the ability to deploy AI-powered chatbots that leverage NLP techniques to improve customer interactions, automate support services, and deliver a seamless user experience.

Document Analysis and Information Extraction

We help organizations perform document analysis and extract information, utilizing NLP techniques to extract valuable insights from unstructured documents, enhance search capabilities, and perform end-to-end document analysis, enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on the extracted information.

NLP and Computer Vision

Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to gain valuable insights from unstructured text data and visual data to drive business growth and enhance customer experience.

Ready to unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence for your business?

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