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Procurement AI

Procurement teams spend a lot of time doing ancillary work such as document digitization, managing ERP systems, contract analysis, etc. which leaves them little bandwidth for strategic goals.

We use AI to help you (a) automate repetitive work, and (b) generate actionable insights, so you can focus your energies on the really important activities.

How We Help Customers

Volume of work is increasing, but enterprises do not have additional headcount. The executives want procurement teams to conduct in-depth analysis, so that they can save costs. But, it is time-consuming.

We help you address such challenges leveraging AI and ML. Enterprises can automate routine tasks like contract analysis, order tracking. Real-time insights enables intelligent spend analysis and helps enterprises to identify new opportunities.

AI-Led Automation

Opportunities to leverage AI for automation and co-pilots.


  • Document Digitization
  • Intelligent Contract Management and Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Research Co-Pilot

ML-Driven Insights

Leverage ML/DS to get deep actionable insights.


  • ML-Based Actionable Spend Analysis.
  • Demand/Supply Forecasting.
  • ML-Based Anomaly and Variance Detection.

AI/ ML Advisory

A business-first approach to make a strategic RoadMap


  • Workshop to gauge your data readiness for AI/ML.
  • Identify opportunities based on understanding your processes.
  • AI/ML Roadmap with use-cases prioritized based on ROI

Our Impact

We helped a client extract relevant data from tracking documents (invoices, bills of lading, customs slips) to tag them automatically to the correct PO – this helped in completely automating order tracking.

We leveraged DocuLens, our proprietary AI accelerator, and our modern data stack capabilities to automatically update ERP systems.

Impact: 10x time-savings in data entry, and less than 3 weeks to build and integrate the solution.

We helped a client build an AI-enabled vendor co-pilot that exposed their existing knowledge-base – emails, documents, notes – as a chat-based application to answers questions such as: did we have a similar vendor, did we have any issues, was a product like this ever requisitioned and if so, for what price?

We used Zunō. Assist, our proprietary accelerator, and our digital engineering expertise to build a user-friendly, chat-like application.

Impact: Reduced time taken in research from 2-3 hours a day to less than 15 minutes

We helped a client build a contract risk assessment solution which can look at any contract/document and automatically fill questionnaires such as ASC 606 and IFRS 16.

We used ContractLens, our proprietary accelerator, and our digital engineering expertise to build a user-friendly application.

Impact: Time taken to assess contract risk dropped from 2 hours to less than a minute

contract risk
We built a procurement analytics system to help our customers get deep insight into their procurement. This helped them answer questions such as: what items are being procured, when, what price, and payment terms.

We used our Insights platform to build custom dashboards and then layered Zunō.Assist to group similar items and products for easy comparisons.

Impact: Actionable Insights in less than 4 weeks with 95% effort reduction for report creation.

procurement analytics

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