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AI in Healthcare

We offer advanced solutions for entities in the Patient Journey, navigating complex data interactions among Health Systems, Physicians, Insurers, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Our tools untangle and integrate data, enabling strategic insights for Analysts, Business Units, and C-Suites.

Connect Existing Data

Integrate data from multiple sources for unified view and improve collaboration.

Augmenting Insights

Advanced ML tools identify trends buried in your data to yield relevant insights.

Real-time KPI Dashboards

Measure your Strategic and Tactical development measured in real time.

What We Do?

Biopharma Companies

Connecting, integrating and sharing actionable insights for Life Sciences enterprises to feed actionable insights to all Business Units based on their individual needs and in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Sales & Marketing Coordination

Fuse Brand Team initiatives, Sales Force CRM and Syndicated Sales to measure the impact of Marketing tactics. Collaborate to predict market behavior along your product’s life cycle.

C-Suite Dashboards

Publish real-time KPIs in your own Dashboarding tool or use one of our advanced portals. Company leaders quickly provide rapid responses to Board or Wall Street inquiries for all Franchises.


Automating data preparation allows more time for deep thinking and complex problem solving.  Identify trends deep within your data to optimize new product launch planning.

Physician/Network Analysis

Identify performance of In-network affiliates based on coding accuracy, drug formulary compliance, pre-certifications, alignment to Medical Benefit Policies and patient referral patterns.

Trending Disease States

Analyze treatment patterns for disease states such as diabetes, heart disease, mental health and oncology.

Advanced Data Management by Benefit Type

Our Advanced Data Processing streamlines integration of the high-volume of medical and pharmacy claims received daily. This enables you to publish KPI dashboard in real time.

Health Insurance

Deeper insights allow development of medical policies, drug formularies, hospital system networks and insurance benefit designs which improve patient care cost effectively.

AI in Healthcare
Hospital Systems

We develop technology to link both owned, affiliated medical groups and clinics. This improves insights into staffing, billing and reimbursement issues, optimal sites of care and patient quality of care.

Hospital System Integration

Assimilating physicians, medical groups, clinics and hospitals allow seamless patient information flow between multiple data platforms.


Our AI in healthcare solution finds patterns of care leading to rehospitalization.  Claims analysis of hospitals, health care providers, insurance policy requirements and other variables found in claims data enable development of processes to reduce readmissions

Cost Reduction

Identify current cost drivers and develop scenarios for finding effective management practices.

Revenue Optimization

Identify real-time claims to inform forecasting and Finance regarding formulary/non-formulary usage. Determine volume of Government-required rebates which offset rebate cash flow and rebate revenue per claim.

Prior Authorization Management

Powerful Machine Learning looks across patient history as well as Client Benefits to ensure patients receive appropriate medication quickly

Future Market Trends

Develop scenarios to plan for changes due to government policies, new drug launches, biosimilar entry and brands going generic.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Our Advanced Data Processing allows a PBM’s Data Analytics teams to monitor formulary compliance, rebate dollars per claims, gross and net spend by client contract, drug, disease state, pharmacy and benefit design. Real-time dashboards inform leadership teams for contract negotiations and business reviews.

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Augmented Analytics Simplifies Month-End Financial Reporting

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